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About the First-Time Author

Mike Harris is a proven and prolific entrepreneur. He has started and led several companies, mostly in the consulting and recruiting industries. Mike is best known as the founder and former CEO of Jefferson Wells, which grew from zero to $132 million in annual sales in just five years before it was sold to the global, human-capital company Manpower in 2001. Jefferson Wells remains one of the best stories of start-up to exit in the history of Wisconsin.

Mike is the cofounder and current CEO of Patina Solutions. This company also appears headed for great success with its model of deploying executives with more than twenty-five years of experience to help companies manage a myriad of situations and projects. Patina has essentially created a new “gig-by-gig” way to work for folks who are used to typical, salaried, single-company employment. Patina helps people develop the ability to do a “work 180,” and that was the inspiration for Mike to create the concept of the career 180 featured in this book.

In addition to leading Patina, Mike frequently advises entrepreneurs who seek his recommendations on raising capital, hiring key leaders, and developing growth strategies and just about everything else it takes to start and build a successful enterprise. Mike often says he has never met an idea or an entrepreneur he does not like.

A lifelong resident of Wisconsin, Mike has long been married to his wonderful wife, Peggy. They have three great kids—Ellen, Claire, and Sam—who all have different interests and pursuits. For fun, Mike enjoys tennis, hiking, auto racing, cooking, beer, biking, making and listening to music, and many other pursuits. Mike can be reached at